Why Plants Go Dormant

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dormant bushes


In all but the warmest climates, most plants plan to take a winter nap as they cannot withstand freezing temperatures. Plants have to overcome the winter by going dormant. During this time plants will be in a state of rest until spring.

Fun fact! Plants do not go dormant because it starts to get cold. What actually starts the process is shorter days, less sunlight. Known as the photoperiodic response, most plants set their flower buds late in the day. The action will increase to the point where the plant will finally stop producing any new growth. As the plant goes into withdraw, it will pull back nutrients and become dormant.

Unlike dormant plants, Silvis Group never takes a break. We are here for our clients year round to answer any questions about your landscape needs. Be assured your plants are safe and sound resting deep in the nice, warm ground.

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