Aerification and Over-Seeding Services for Lush, Green Lawns

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aerificaton over seeding services

The summer of 2020 has been brutal and especially hard on our lawns. The extreme heat and lack of rain have affected turf-grass adversely, which, in some instances, has resulted in irreparable damage and even die-out. The lush green lawns that were our pride and joy are now brown and have experienced decline…

We have a solution!!! NOW is the perfect time to give your lawn the boost it needs by taking advantage of our expert aerification and over-seeding services. Cooler temperatures and abundant rainfall in the fall season will jump-start the process and restore thin and browning lawns;
transforming them to the lush green turf that will be the envy of your neighborhood!

Aerification provides tremendous benefits to a lawn, including: encouraging deep root systems, loosening compacted or clay soils and breaking up thatch layers; to name a few. Additionally, the plug cores lifted by the aerator, combined with our exclusive slice-seeding process, provide for a fertile bed for the grass seed to germinate and grow thick and strong. We use only the newest and finest seed varieties available which, not only have a higher germinate rate, but also are proven to be drought and disease resistant; unlike many of the old varieties in the marketplace today. We strive to make you look good; which not only makes us look good, but provides our team with the satisfaction of knowing that
you are happy and your expectations have been exceeded!

Please contact Mike Ferlin or Ed Mason, our experienced account managers, for more details; they will be happy to help!

We, at Silvis Group, thank you for your business and appreciate your support! We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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