Fall Clean Up Time

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fall clean up time

Fall Clean Up Time

Silvis Group is ready to service all of your Fall Clean-up needs.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when considering fall services provided by Silvis Group.

The removal of fallen leaves, branches and other debris

This will make a huge difference in your lawn. Clean-ups promote new growth in the spring, prevent areas of mold and mildew and help eliminate nesting areas for insects like termites and tics. Tics love to winter down in clumps of leaves. These areas are often near or against our homes making for easy transport to clothing or pets. Silvis Group will keep these areas free from debris, giving you peace of mind.

Consider Rejuvenation Pruning

The process of heavy pruning in the late Fall/Winter for spring preparation. Many of your deciduous plants will respond well but only a few Evergreen species. Let the experts at Silvis advise you on plants like Yews and Hollies. Most plants can be pruned to half size or ground flush. Pruning overgrown plants will allow for a better visual of your spring bloomers.


Will open window areas and walkways providing a safer environment. Keeping areas open allow better site views for cameras and eliminate hiding areas for potential violators of your home and property. Thinning out branches generate more airflow promoting healthy plant growth in the spring. Circulation of air decreases susceptibility of fungus growth and insect damage caused by moisture against your home.

Many plants generate new colorful growth when cut back. The Red Twig Dog wood is a great example. When cut back annually Red Twigs will exhibit a bright Red twig year-round, a nice contrast to snow and early spring grass. Cutting back those Butterfly bushes will keep them nice and tight at a 3’-4’ (bases on variety) height making them perfect pollinators for you discerning welcomed guest.


This can be done in stages so it is less noticeable. Lilacs for example respond well to having 1/3 of the tallest branches removed each winter maintaining the total plant height near eye level, encouraging lower flowering on the plant. All plants react differently to pruning so make sure you rely on an expert like Silvis Group to review your fall and winter cutbacks.

Remember, there is a season for everything and knowing the time and place should be left to the professionals. Please free to reach out to your Silvis Account Manager or call our offices for a free evaluation of services you may need or desire.

Together with Silvis Group, keep your property beautiful and ready for all that a new spring has to offer. The addition of Dormant Rejuvenation Pruning to your property can take full advantage of great garden practice and bring that original design back to its intended splendid Glory!

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