Getting Past the COVID Blues

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These are difficult times indeed, times like never before. We at Silvis understand the frustration of being confined and not fully enjoying life as planned. Silvis also recognizes the importance of a great home environment. Many of us have sacrificed vacations this year, refrained from our group gatherings, and inviting guest over for a cookout. What sacrifices have you made in your daily life; we hope not so great that they have long term impact. One thing I have enjoyed this season has been the time to reflect and focus on the important things, events that bring joy to our daily lives; like family, cooking and enjoying our beautiful home. Making sure your home is treated with expert care is what Silvis strives in.

Being in control these days seems more impossible that ever. The one constant you can trust with Silvis is a level of service unmatched. Our customers understand this value and our commitment to their property. I hope this season we were able to take away a little bit of the Covid Blues and allow our customers to enjoy their homes a little more than in the past. We have made an all-out effort to touch base often and make sure we are staying in touch, especially during these times of isolation. Silvis is here for you, feel free to reach out and review your property needs. Let Silvis Group chase away the Covid Blues, we still have plenty of time to complete those Fall projects. Our staff is fully covered for mutual safety so rest assured your protection is top priority. The next time you are told to stay at home… simply state, “My Pleasure!”

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