Lighten Your To Do List, Find Time and Space, Manage Your Calendar

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900 Series Mower
To Do List

Check the marks, list what task you can self-perform.  Take notes and schedule outside help as needed. Make sure to include Silvis Group for your future landscape projects.  We are estimating year-round so get an early jump on lining up your spring desires.

Finding Time and Space

Avoid clutter, there is a place for everything so put everything in its’ place. Garage racks are great, so are garden sheds but consider the space they take up?  Maybe replace those yard tools with a new set of golf clubs or your mower with a quad or side by side? We at Silvis know how valuable your time is. Imagine having guest over on a Saturday afternoon for a Bar B-Q instead of working in your yard all day. How about taking in a round of Golf this Saturday morning?  What if you could take the family to Church Sunday instead of mowing the grass?  Silvis Group can help you organize your personal time and space.  Let us work while you work, leaving you to enjoy the fruits of your labor instead of adding to it.  Before you buy that new mower give us a call, compare the cost of labor to pleasure.  You may be surprised to find out how affordable Silvis is.

Manage Your Calendar

While it is important to have daily task scheduled you should also include your time-off.  In a world of constant hustle take time to include recreation.  Silvis Group understands the busy lifestyles of today and the stress associated. We understand when people say mowing my grass relieves my stress, so does a camping trip with the kids. How about an antique road trip or a car cruise with your wife? Silvis Group can not only help with your landscape needs we can also help you manage your personal time-off.  Allowing us to manage your property during the week affords you the freedom to plan other activities that are much more deserving and memorable.  Prioritize this year, give Silvis Group a call to schedule an appointment to evaluate your lawn care needs. We might even be able to suggest some ideas for you extra personal time.


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