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live Christmas tree


Many have opted to purchase a live tree this year. Now what?  With your purchase, comes responsibility. You will want to make certain that after the Holidays are gone, loving care will be taken to assure your tree’s survival.  Silvis Group can help assure your tree has the best chance to thrive in its new home. Call on our experts to offer the best tips for keeping your tree healthy while it remains indoors over the winter. In the spring, Silvis will plan a site visit to determine the best options for your tree’s long outdoor living adventure.  While we cannot guarantee your trees survival, we can commit to giving it the best opportunity to thrive from a correct planting.  Choosing a live tree to decorate your home can be a life long decision.  If you have made the choice of a living tree, please reach out to Silvis Group’s team of experts to assure you made the right one.  For now, decorate that tree. In the spring, together we will decorate your yard.

Happy Holidays!

Live long and plant proper!

Oh, if you chose another route… let us know if we can help with your tree removal and disposal.


Photo Credit: Loly Galina via Unsplash

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