Stuck In A Rut

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stuck in a rut


It’s that time of year, ruts in your lawn. It happens, wet soil from snow melt and spring showers saturate our lawns. One wide turn, a package delivery or a friend stops over for a visit and makes a wide turn backing up, and BAM! – you have a nice big rut in your yard.

If the rut happens in the winter you may want to hold off on repairing too early. Most grasses will still be in a dormant state so repairing too early may not correct the problem. You might want to wait until early spring before filling in those bad spots. If you have heavy ruts in the summer months, you’ll want to correct this right away. Standing water left in ruts make for the perfect habitat for mosquitos. Either way, if you have steered off path give us a call. Silvis Group will get you out of that winter rut and make a smooth transition into spring.

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