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sweet fleet valentine


With Valentine’s Day’s arrival, so comes the expectation of candy. We love the new White Chocolate that arrived recently. Three brand new 5500 Dodge Rams that will soon be retrofitted with stainless dump beds. Filling Our Hearts with Joy, Silvis continues to grow. Thanks to Dodge commercial discounts, we were able to secure a Sweetheart of a Deal.

Having a new fleet helps show our customers how committed we are to them. So it’s time to show the old fleet some love and Start Getting Fresh. Not sure if one of these trucks will Be Mine or 4 You? We do know, however, that there will be No Dumping till spring.  For now, just thought we would Share the Love Valentine.

It Tears Our Hearts Out to replace the old girls. They have been so Faithful but can’t Be Ours Forever, no matter how much we care for them. XXXs and OOOs! Send me a card Sweetheart, would Love to hear from you!


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