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workforce at silvis landscape

What makes a company great is not the equipment, facility or location. Yes, all are very important attractions and can lure in potential customer and employees but the simple fact remains, it is the people that make a company great! Dedicated, hard working, team players with a passion for what they do; make coming to work a joyful event.  Silvis Group always seeks out individuals that add to our culture fit.

In a tough physical labor industry building a good connection is not always the easiest task. We find it extremely important to play well with others.  We encourage employees to find mutual ground and build on our differences, not tear them down. Employees with purpose tend to stay longer, work smarter, and treat peers with mutual respect. This environment of self-worth opens the door for caring of each other.  Why claw to the top when we climb? Sharing the rope and pointing the pathway to others is the best way. It’s much better to share the peaks and valleys together. Enjoy this adventure with us!  As a customer or employee, experience the value of working together as a team.  Great people make great Companies!

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